Top 10 Challenge: Spreading awareness & raising funds for food allergy research


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The Top 10 Challenge isn’t just a fundraiser. It’s your opportunity to live “a day on the plate of” someone you know or love with food allergies. The goal of the challenge is two-fold: (1) to spread awareness & empathy, and (2) to raise funds for allergy research.


Who? In collaboration with Canadian Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology Foundation (CAAIF), and with the help of a tireless committee of volunteers, AllergyBites brought a  version of a successful Australian fundraiser to Canada in 2018.

What? Participants* decide which allergens they will go without—whether for a meal, a day, or for the 10 days of the campaign. After registering, they are provided a customizable fundraising page, where they will share their mission, the status of their challenge, and actively seek out sponsorship from their friends, family and community.

*For those unable to participate, donating directly is a welcome option.

When? The second annual Top 10 Challenge will take place in the last 10 days of February 2020.

Where? This fundraiser is open to anyone — from Canada to Japan — and can be done from the comfort of your couch… err… kitchen table.

 Because, when it comes to food allergies, understanding and compassion is just as important as research and funds. And we love that this fundraiser is doing a bit of both. Learn more about the story behind the challenge.

How much? Our fundraising goal for 2019 was $10,000. The thing is, we didn’t simply exceed our goal — we more than doubled it! That means we’re just a few thousand away from creating a $25,000 research grant to be awarded to a top researcher in Canada (via CAAIF).

Want to participate, but feel nervous about cutting out all those allergens? What will you eat? How will you shop? There’s a (Top 10 Champion) guide for that. Check it out.

How to participate



Meet the 2020 committee

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(Top to bottom: Kathleen O’Hagan, Andrea Waserman, Paul Crowley, Zahra Bahnji)

Top 10 Sponsors (2018-2019)

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We continue to seek out sponsorship for our first annual Top 10 Challenge, taking place in April 2019. Want to help us meet our fundraising goal? Learn more.

Challenge Ambassadors (2018-2019)

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Challenge Ambassadors are passionate individuals who want to help us spread the word about this important initiative. Want to get involved? Learn more.


Feb 19-29: 
Could you live a ‘day on the plate’ of someone with food allergies? Register.

Meet the #AllergyElf on the Shelf
Oct 19:
Our second annual Food-Free Trunk or Treat
Sept 22: We’ll be at the Walk for Andrea – See you there!
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Oct 28: The Most Inclusive Halloween Event Ever

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