Become a Challenge Ambassador

Do you feel strongly about spreading food allergy awareness? Do you wish there were more kindness, empathy, and compassion in the world? Do you have a large following on social media?

You might just be our next Challenge Ambassador

We are actively seeking out passionate individuals, well-known bloggers, and much-loved brands (both inside and out of the food allergy community) to help us spread the word about this important initiative. Participation is simple.

  1. Register to take part in the Top 10 Challenge.
  2. Use your influence to help spread the word from now until the challenge takes place at the end of April 2019. There are many ways you can do this, but one big one is to announce your fundraising goal, share a monthly update, and encourage your community to take part and/or donate.

Screenshot 2018-12-12 at 14.37.24Below are a few other ideas* to get you started:

    • let friends & followers know that you’re participating in the Top 10 Challenge and why/what it means to you
    • tell us why you chose to avoid these particular allergens
    • express why you think it’s so important to spread awareness and compassion via the Top 10 Challenge in a blog post
    • share your thoughts on grocery shopping with these new allergens in mind
    • let us know how challenging these new allergens are compared to the ones you already live with
      • tell your followers what it feels like to live a ‘day on the plate’ of someone with the allergens you were avoiding

*You can decide what you want to share, and how often. The above are simply ideas to inspire you

Sound like something you’d like to do?

Get in touch — we’d love to have you join our growing number of Challenge Ambassadors. And, of course, we’ll give you some social media lovin’ for your help in spreading the word.