Top 10 Challenge Ambassadors

These passionate individuals and companies that care are helping raise food allergy awareness, compassion and empathy. Become a Challenge Ambassador.

Meet our Challenge Ambassadors

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The team @ FreeYumm Foods

At FreeYumm, we take allergies seriously so that you can enjoy, share and have fun! Our staff of trained bakers work diligently in our dedicated facility to ensure the priority allergens are never allowed onsite. That even includes our staff packing top 10 allergen-free lunches for work!

Learn which other organizations FreeYumm supports.

Sponsor Team Share the Yumm

ellisDr. Anne Ellis 

Dr. Ellis is a Professor of Medicine and Chair of the Division of Allergy & Immunology at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Her research is devoted to understanding the developmental origins of allergy and mechanisms of allergic disease.

Stay tuned for why Dr. Ellis decided to participate in the Top 10 Challenge…

Sponsor Dr. Anne Ellis

Jenny Holzbecher (Belle Bakeshop)

20170331_154810Belle Bakeshop is the passion project of allergy mom and self-taught baker, Jenny Holzbecher. After learning that her daughter had life-threatening allergies, she become dedicated to creating allergen-free baked goods so that her children never had to miss out on those special treats that are such a part of childhood. Jenny is honoured to bake for other allergy families.

Find out about how Jenny will reward her sponsors with a the tasty treat.

Sponsor Belle’s Top 10 Challenge

Amanda HeadshotAmanda Orlando (Everyday Allergen-Free)

Amanda Orlando is the author and photographer of Everyone’s Welcome, and Allergen-Free Desserts cookbooks. She shares recipes and articles about living with food allergies on her blog, Everyday Allergen-Free. She lives in Toronto.

Stay tuned for why Amanda decided to participate in the Top 10 Challenge…

Sponsor Amanda Orlando

IMG-3092Joey DiGangi (AssureTech)

Joey is a recent graduate who has lived with severe food allergies his entire life. For the past 2 years, he’s been working alongside students, faculty, and alumni to invent a mobile resource for people with food allergies.

Read about Joey’s experience doing the Top 10 Challenge in Taiwan.

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screenshot 2019-01-03 at 21.26.43Melissa Cole, a.k.a. “Teal Mom

Melissa is an editor, author, blogger, and food allergy advocate. Her writing is featured on Melissa lives in North Carolina with her awesome husband & four amazing children, one of which has multiple, severe life-threatening food allergies.

Learn why Melissa loves the idea of a fundraiser that encourages participants to live a day in the life of someone with food allergies.

Sponsor Teal Mom

Kathleen-OHaganKathleen O’Hagan (AllergyBites)

Kathleen is a writer, a foodie, and the mom of a child with multiple food allergies. A lover of food, she enjoys seeking out allergy-friendly eating spots in Toronto (and beyond) and sharing her findings with her family and the allergy community.

Read about what the Top 10 Challenge means to Kathleen.

Sponsor Team Jake

Danielle Barry, a.k.a. “The Allergic Traveller”

Danielle has been allergic to peanuts her entire life, and has recently developed an allergy to soy, peas, chickpeas, lentils, and NSAIDs. A Research Librarian in Toronto, Danielle enjoys travelling, photography, and finding new allergy-safe food

Find out why Danielle joined the Top 10 Challenge committee.

Sponsor Danielle

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Lisa Ienzi (Food Is Life)

This food allergy mom was born and raised in Ottawa. Lisa is a mother of two, both diagnosed with severe food allergies. Lisa is a full-time teacher and food allergy advocate who loves to cook, bake, and adapt recipes to meet her children’s dietary needs.

Lisa shares some stats that would make anyone want to participate in the Challenge.

Sponsor Gossie Possy

Facetune_28-10-2018-19-46-28Shannan Davis (Art for Good)

Shannan is a Toronto-based food allergy mama, artist, and advocate. She is compelled to create, and in an effort to combine her passions while making a positive impact, Shannan creates Art for Good – and 10% of all sale proceeds are always donated to a food allergy-focused charity.

Sponsor Shannan