Meet the #allergyelf on the shelf

Dear Allergy Community,

We wanted to take a moment to introduce you to the mischievous little guy pictured above.

This elf on the shelf is like no other. His name is Petey, and he is one of the most empathetic elves you’ll ever meet.

Petey doesn’t have allergies himself, but he truly feels for allergy folks and the challenges they face every day. (He’s even learned to read labels like a pro!)

But don’t let that innocent smile fool you — he’s been tasked with knocking down allergens while the kids sleep.

See, Santa recently learned about the Top 10 Challenge, and thought it was important that one of his elves live a ‘day on the plate’ of someone with food allergies.

Petey here volunteered, which means he’ll be spending his December nights hard at work, doing everything he can to get rid of pesky ingredients that make our lives so tough sometimes.

WARNING: Things will get messy…. and fun! So be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see what sort of adventures Petey will be getting up to next month.

Want to get in on the mischief… and possibly win a prize*?

All you need to do is post your very own #elfontheshelf knocking out an allergen or two — and be sure to tag @top10challenge, and use one (or all!) of these hashtags:

#allergyelf #allergyknockout #top10challenge

*One participant will be randomly selected to win an awesome toy, valued at $25.

Let’s knock out those allergens!!
-The Top 10 Committee
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