Top 10 Challenge: How to participate


When it comes to participating in the Top 10 Challenge, it’s up to you to decide just how challenging you want it to be. There are a number of ways to take part! Browse the list below for some ideas, or come up with your own food allergy meal plan:

  • Have a peanut & tree nut allergy? Try going dairy-free (or soy-free… or egg-free… or sesame-free…) for 1 meal or 1 day.
  • Have a single allergy? Try cutting out several allergens all at once.
  • Have multiple allergies? Try cutting out an allergen you’re grateful you aren’t dealing with.
  • Have 1 or more allergies in the top 10? Try cutting out a food that is not considered a “top allergen.”
  • Have a family member, friend or colleague with food allergies? Cut out their allergens to understand what life is like for them, specifically.
  • Feeling hard core? In the 10 days leading up to Food Allergy Awareness Month, try cutting out 1 allergen a day.
  • Want to reeeeally challenge yourself? Cut out all 10 allergens for 1 meal or 1 day.

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