Halloween Event: Trunk or Treat

To celebrate the launch of the Top 10 Challenge, we’re holding the most inclusive Halloween event — dare we say — ever?! It’s going to be food-free, fun… and FREE!

Who? Food-allergic trick-or-treaters & their family/friends

What? A food-free Trunk or Treat. This first-of-its-kind Halloween event will include:

  • a seriously fun assortment of non-food treats
  • cool contests (check back for how to enter)
  • some awesome prizes for best costume, spookiest trunk, and more!
  • a super cool teal photo booth
  • a decorate-your-own teal-pumpkin activity table
  • opportunities to meet other food allergy families and learn about the Top 10 Challenge fundraiser

When? Sunday, October 28th, from 3:00* to 5:00pm
*For safety reasons, all cars must be parked by no later than 2:30pm.

Where? A parking lot in Toronto/The GTA (details TBD)

Why? Because so many treats are off limits, Halloween is a time of year when children with food allergies tend to feel left out. Luckily, the Teal Pumpkin Project is doing wonders to raise awareness about this issue, and we’re slowly seeing top allergen-free treats become a more popular choice. That said, there are still many kiddos out there who have allergies outside of the top 10, which means they can’t even enjoy many of these “safe” treats. So, with the goal of ensuring all food-allergic children are included and safe, this particular event is going to be 100% food free.

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How? Join us with a trunk full of non-food treats (or donate some non-food treats if you aren’t driving!) so that kiddies in costume can go Trunk or Treating! and head home with a bag of (safe) loot — no matter how many allergies they have. For safety reasons, we ask that all participants be parked by 2:30pm and remain parked until 5:00pm. This will help make the area safe for little trick-or-treaters.

Want to get in on the fun? Be sure to sign up for the event as soon as registration opens! The parking lot will have a limited number of parking spaces, so if you haven’t registered, we can’t guarantee you a spot. Remember, it’s free. Just be sure to come with a costumed kiddie and a trunk full of non-food treats (OR if you won’t be driving, some non-food treats to donate towards the fun)!

Rules and Regulations

To keep our kids safe, please be sure to give these a read before the event!

Our Sponsors

Are you an allergy-friendly brand? Interested in sponsoring this event? We’d love to hear from you! Send us a note.