This allergy-friendly restaurant is a local celebrity’s safe eating spot…

This allergy-friendly restaurant review was not written by AllergyBites founder, Kathleen O’Hagan. Kathleen is a writer, a foodie, and the mom of a toddler with multiple food allergies. She loves seeking out accommodating eating spots and sharing them with the food allergy community. All opinions are her own.

If you’re a member of the AllergyBites community, you’ll know I promised you a review of The Keg next. The only problem is: I haven’t had a minute to step foot inside any new restaurants this month… let alone write a review.

Having just moved into a new home, I’m juggling quite a bit lately: trying to get our place organized (yes, we’re still living out of boxes), working on various freelance gigs, spending time with my hubby and toddler when I can, and trying to survive on very little sleep (my toddler doesn’t seem to need it, so why do I?). So yes, I’ve been busy—to say the least.

(That’s why I’m looking for foodies who love to write—or writers who love to eat—to help me review more restaurants more quickly. And although this would a volunteer position, I may be able to reimburse you for a portion of your meal in some cases. Get in touch if you think this is something you’d be interested in!)

So I was thrilled when a review of—you guessed it—The Keg showed up in my newsfeed. But it wasn’t just any old review. It was a review by a local mom whose child just happens to have several food allergies. Not only that, but this local mom happens to be a much-loved Canadian personality.

I’m talking about 80s Much Music VJ turned Yummy Mummy Club creator Erica Ehm. Like us, she has a child with food allergies that has made eating out a lot more challenging. But The Keg is one spot where she can consistently enjoy a meal, worry-free.

See what she has to say about it:

“For my family, eating comes with complications. My daughter was diagnosed with severe food allergies when she was just a wee toddler, so having food prepared for us in kitchens other than our own can verge on terrifying. Finding restaurants that understand the gravity of allergies – and that treat us with respect – while ensuring my daughter will not have an anaphylactic episode makes eating out a challenge for us.”

“There is only one chain where my husband and I have had consistently fantastic family dining experiences over the years: The Keg Steakhouse + Bar. We’ve basically eaten at every Keg location in the GTA, and no matter which location we’re at, we experience fantastic customer service.”

“…they have an an allergy protocol in place which involves the manager overseeing the situation. When we advised our server about the allergies, he immediately called his manager over. The manager was lovely; he took copious notes about what she was allergic to and headed to the kitchen to personally talk to the chef.”

“My husband and I were blown away. Not only were we taken seriously, but the concern about allergies was dealt with politely and efficiently. When my daughter’s meal was ready, the manager personally delivered it. I get a little teary thinking about this. While it may not seem like a big deal, feeling heard and knowing my daughter was safe was quite emotional for my husband and I. It allowed us to relax and enjoy our meals without worrying.”

I’m so glad this post fell into my lap (I swear, I didn’t go searching!) because that means I get to share it with you. It has also inspired me to take some time out of my busy schedule and finally head on over to The Keg. But maybe not until June.

You can give the full review a read here.


Friendly. Supportive. Encouraging.

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2 thoughts on “This allergy-friendly restaurant is a local celebrity’s safe eating spot…

  1. Amy says:

    We also visited 2 Keg Steakhouse +restaurants while in Toronto. Although we have a sesame allergy, legume and nut allergy they were very accomodating and I left feeling good. The first location, the North York restaurant, the manager also came out and our server was super accommodating and I felt like they knew allergies….they advised the steak seasoning or marinade…I forgot which had sesame or cc with it so to avoid. They also volunteered to bake the fries for my daughter…something my daughter loved. As we didnt think she would eat a whole meal we ordered sides to share with her and advised the restaurant accordingly so they could prepare safely. She ate asparagus, mushrooms, the fries and a few bites of my unseasoned steak. We had as usual brought a backup….we didnt need it but my daughter did want her miso soup so they were kind enough to bring a bowl and didnt bat an eye when we advised we had brought soup for her. We also spoke to the waiter at the end and complimented our meal and he mentioned that they are trained in allergies and mentioned they also hosted an allergy group at the Mansion….we had such a good experience we tried the Richmind Hill location.
    Again my daughter had baked fries and veggies. She didnt want any meat this time. They were accomodating again and the manager came out again. We really wished a Keg was close to our home as I’m sure it would be a go to place. Their steaks are nicely done and I had great ribs the 2nd time. Their prices are on the higher end but then again it is a steak house….but there is a good enough selection to have a more formal meal but causal enough to go with a kid and a reasonable price meal if you choose options besides steak. Overall I loved the feeling that they were there to work with you and all the extra steps were not an inconvenience…its a wonderful feeling as dining out can already be a challenge.


    • KathleenO says:

      Wonderful! You’ve reminded me that I need to write about my (recent) allergy-friendly experience at The Keg Mansion. They certainly know their stuff when it comes to allergies!! 🙂


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