Meet our guest bloggers!

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Claudia Mokbel

Born and raised in Toronto, Claudia is excited to see dairy- and egg-free restaurants popping up all over the city so she can visit them with her vegan husband. Claudia works as a Communications Coordinator for the Department of Justice and enjoys being active in her spare time to compensate for all the eating.


Jessica Campbell
Originally from Vancouver, Jessica made her way east to experience Toronto’s energizing lifestyle. She writes about the food and flavours that inspire her to keep her family happy and healthy.


Liz Frederiksen

Liz Frederiksen
Liz is a proud Torontonian and a lifelong food allergy thriver. A copywriter and social media coach by trade, Liz is happiest when hula hooping, hiking, or sharing good food with her family.


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Pauline Osena
Pauline is a writer, food allergy advocate, self-proclaimed allergy-friendly foodie, mother of 3 young children, and manager of a household that avoids 7 of the top 8 food allergens. She is also the founder of HypeFoodie and editor of Best Allergy Sites, online resources for allergy-friendly living.

Wendy Churton, This Bumpy Adventure

Wendy Churton
Wendy is a stay-at-home mom who occasionally works as a freelancer in theatre and opera. These days, she is navigating life with her son’s food allergies, as well as her own postpartum anxiety. She is also a writer for a parenting blog called This Bumpy Adventure.