Allergy-Friendly Restaurant Review: Sorelle and Co. in Etobicoke (CLOSED)

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Alice in (Allergy-Friendly) Wonderland (CLOSED)

A version of this post was previously published in the January newsletter. Read reviews of Sorelle and Co’s flagship and downtown location on the blog! Have you visited their Yorkville spot? Want to write a review? Reach out!

Hi Friends!

Seeing that I first launched AllergyBites with the intention of seeking out allergy-friendly restaurants in Toronto and sharing my findings with YOU, it would be a shame if I didn’t tell you about my most recent (and very memorable) experience at Sorelle and Co.

For those of you who hadn’t heard, Sorelle recently opened their 4th(!!) location in the west end of the GTA. Pretty good for a business that’s only been around since 2016! Just like all their other spots, their new location is super fancy and top allergen-free.

What distinguishes it from the rest is that it’s the only spot that offers their popular high tea* …other than their flagship location in Vaughan, of course!

Why does this matter?

Because Sorelle’s high tea is seriously out of this world. The moment you walk in and are greeted by your beautifully set table, you’ll swear you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole. (Yes, that’s my Alice in Wonderland reference.)

screenshot 2019-01-30 at 13.29.04

From a gorgeously mismatched tea set to cutlery decorated in gold…


The selection of Sloane teas were a TEAse! (I wanted them all!)


The platters of savoury snacks were delicious and plentiful.


The three-tiered platter of sweets was (almost) too beautiful to eat. But eat them we did. 

Browse more mouthwatering photos

Whether you live in the west end or are planning a trip in this direction, I highly recommend dropping by Sorelle’s newest location. And if you have the time and inclination to treat yourself to high tea, I highly recommend that you do. You can’t go wrong splurging on a little bit of self-care. (Ammirite?)

Just be sure to book this particular service in advance as walk-ins cannot be accommodated. (… which is totally understandable, in my opinion. Can you imagine the time it takes to make something look this beautiful?!)

Safe appétit!

P.S. These photos were taken at our January #AllergyMom Meetup. We all had a blast! Want to join our next one on February 17th? We’ll be baking bread (baguettes and cinnamon buns, to be exact!) at The Bread Essentials. Click on the image below to learn more and grab your ticket!

screenshot 2019-01-30 at 13.37.40

Screenshot 2017-11-14 at 23.07.05

This post was written by AllergyBites founder, Kathleen O’Hagan. Kathleen is a writer, a foodie, and the mom of a toddler with multiple food allergies. Want to help make a difference? Contact Kathleen about volunteering for the Top 10 Challenge fundraiser.


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