Get a free gift when you subscribe to our blog!

I love free gifts. Don’t you?

That’s why I thought it might be fun to give away some adorable allergy cards to the first 25 people who subscribe to my blog.

That’s right! Not only can foodies and families look forward to allergy-friendly restaurant reviews, yummy giveaways, updates on the AllergyBites project and more, parents of kids with food allergies will also get a FREE allergy card* for their child… just for signing up!


These little business-sized cards fit perfectly in your wallet and can be a great help when trying to communicate your children’s food allergies to waitstaff and chefs, or even family and friends. (I actually sent my husband with ours when he went grocery shopping earlier this week. Amazing.)

A little bit of art. A little bit of craft. A whole lot of fun 


A fun activity to do with the kids AND another way to help keep them safe on those days you’re dining out? Yes, please! Subscribe now.

*This free gift is only available to the first 25 people who subscribe to the AllergyBites blog. 

2 thoughts on “Get a free gift when you subscribe to our blog!

  1. Doug says:

    Your allergy card is a great idea. We had a pin made up for my daughter which … says something to the effect of, Please don’t offer me food, I am allergic to dairy, tree nuts, and bananas.
    I truly wish someone would go out and do this in the Ottawa area where we are. That being said, maybe I need to pick up my act and start.
    Allergies have changed our lives over the past 18 months (my daughter being 2). I like you, enjoy going out, and some of the finer things and died a little inside when I was told she couldn’t have diary.

    I look forward to reading your blog.


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