Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Moms of Kids with Food Allergies

Mother’s Day is coming soon! Even though mothers should be treated with caring and consideration every day of the year, it’s also nice to have a special day to treasure and celebrate the moms in our lives. For some, it may be a day to pamper their own mom, but for others it could be a day to celebrate a grandmother, aunt, sister or friend. Whoever you are enjoying Mother’s Day with this year, a special treat is always a nice gesture.

For families dealing with food allergies, both food and other giftable items can be unsafe. Not to worry though, there are plenty of fabulous treats for mom to enjoy. Here are some great gift options for that wonderful woman in your life.

1. Chocolate truffles!! Who doesn’t love chocolate truffles? For those of us with food allergies, these delicious treats have been out of our reach—until now. No Whey makes delectable truffles in 5 different flavours, and they are completely free of the top 8 allergens. Grab a No Whey truffle sampler for mom this year so she can try them all without the worry!

2. Me time for mom. Moms are always so busy taking care of others, that they often neglect to take time for themselves. Pamper mom with some luxurious bubble bath from Carina Organics, a Canadian hair and body care line that is made in a facility that is completely free of peanuts and tree nuts. Help mom unwind at the end of the day… maybe with her truffles.

3. Give mom a makeover. Moms of children with food allergies, and those with food allergies themselves, often worry about the makeup they wear on a regular basis. With the wrong lipstick, an innocent kiss on the cheek can cause a reaction. Some moms have given up wearing makeup for this reason! Good news: Kiss Freely is a line of makeup that was created by a fellow allergy mom, and is free of many allergens, parabens, chemicals, petroleum and more. This US company has made Kiss Feely available through a Canadian retail store, so that you can shop for mom and not worry about the hassle of cross-border shipping.

4. Allergen-free facials! Luxe by Ladybug Jane is a line of skincare products that was created after Jane’s mom was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Made from pure ingredients, you won’t find parabens, mineral oil, chemicals, dimethicone or anything artificial in these skincare products. This line includes a four-in-one cleanser, two serums, a fabulous lotion that contains a natural sunscreen, and a selection of lip balms. As a mother and aesthetician myself, I can tell you that mom won’t be disappointed with anything from Ladybug Jane—I wholeheartedly approve!

5. A gift card from the heart. You might not know which of the above items your mom would love the most. I’m generally of the mindset that gift cards aren’t personal, and there’s always a worry that the receiver won’t like anything at the shop the card is from. However, when it comes to food allergies and safety, there’s no better gift than a gift card from No Nuts About Us. Let mom choose whatever treat her heart desires without having to worry if it will be safe for herself and her family.

Whichever gift or special token of appreciation you choose for a special mom this Mother’s Day, she will know it came from your heart… and that’s the best gift of all!

By Elly Ward – Elly is a food allergy advocate, communications specialist, certified aesthetician, competitive gymnastics coach, school volunteer, and mom of 2 boys under age 6. Elly became an expert in all things allergy related when her son had his first anaphylactic reaction to peanut butter at 8 months old. Her son is enrolled in the peanut patch trial in hopes of helping others and increasing his tolerance, and Elly is currently advocating for her local recreation facilities to become nut aware. She is the founder of an online store called No Nuts About Us, a complete nut free shoppe offering a variety of food and personal care items that are made in facilities free of peanuts and tree nuts. Many of the items she carries are also free of the top 8 allergens. Shipping is available across Canada, and hopefully soon to the USA. 


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