Take me out to the (allergy-friendly) ballgame!

By Debbie Bruce (Director, Canadian Anaphylaxis Initiative)

For those with life-threatening allergies, a sporting event can be a welcome and much-needed distraction. I know, because both of my food-allergic boys loved sports. Unfortunately, the ballpark can also be a dangerous and stressful place for people with peanut and nut allergies, specifically. Buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks? No, thanks.

Ten years ago, I started working with the Toronto Argonauts and the Blue Jays to provide safer seating for a select number of games throughout the season. People have come from all over Canada, the US and even the UK, just so their child can experience a ballgame in a safer environment.

This year is especially exciting for Canadians with food allergies since the Peanut/Nut Reduced Zone will be available on July 1st… Canada Day! The Rogers Centre has also expanded the zone to include both 204L & 205R, so unlike previous years, the section now goes from aisle to aisle.

Check here for a complete listing of game dates and details.

Say thanks with a selfie

The Blue Jays have worked hard to make this a special experience for food allergy families. Good corporate leadership benefits us all. Please take the time to say ‘thank you’ to the Blue Jays by posting comments and pictures on the Facebook page if you do attend.

image1 (2)

Debbie and her son, John

Other allergy-friendly sporting events

Tim Hortons Field, home of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, does not sell or serve peanuts/nuts and they have EpiPens on hand in case of an emergency.

Commonwealth Stadium, home of the Edmonton Eskimos, does not
sell or serve peanuts/nuts.

If you are aware of any more sports or entertainment venues, let us know in the comments below!

About Debbie Bruce

Debbie Bruce became a reluctant anaphylaxis and asthma educator when her son was diagnosed over 30 years ago. She has two adult children with life-threatening allergies. It has been Debbie’s mission to advocate for reasonable risk reduction in our schools, in our communities, and with all levels of government.


Friendly. Supportive. Encouraging.

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