5 Allergy-Friendly Treats That (Even) My Picky Irish Husband Eats

Okay, okay. It’s less that he’s picky, and more that he’s averse to change. I still giggle at the thought of the first time his American cousins introduced his 7-year-old self to pasta. Disgusted, he refused to touch that mysterious red stuff on top… and stubbornly ate his spaghetti plain.

It may not come as a huge surprise, then, that of all the allergy-friendly products I bring home, he’s not a huge fan of, well, most of them.

But the 5 below? He gives them a BIG thumbs up!

UPDATE: Scroll waaaay down for 2 “bonus” entries!

1. Chapman’s Shortbread Ice Cream. While this sweet treat is free of most of our little guy’s allergens, it does contain egg which makes it off limits for him. So that means we guiltily sneak in this new favourite treat after bedtime. I know my hubby likes it because I keep forgetting it’s in the freezer, whereas he excitedly suggests we indulge in our guilty pleasure the moment I tiptoe out of the nursery.


2. Daiya New York Style Cheezecake… with a strawberry on top! I like to make this otherwise plain cake fancy-schmancy (and extra delicious) by adding strawberries to the top. The trick? Cut and lightly sugar the strawbs the night before for a topping that is both sweet and tart. My husband was never a huge fan of cheesecake, so perhaps he likes this one because it’s dairy-free? I’ll never know (his taste buds work in mysterious ways), but whatever the case, it’s picky Irish husband approved!


3. Joseph’s Nutless Clusters (original and chocolate). The hubs loooves these little clusters of crunchy deliciousness. And if I weren’t there to remind him I bought them with our food-allergic kiddo in mind, he’d likely eat a whole bag in one sitting. (Yes, they’re that addictive. Luckily the bags are a bit tricky to open… which is a great way to break the addiction, before it even begins!)

nutless clusters

4. Laura Secord’s Milk Chocolate PresentsI like dark chocolate, but my picky Irish husband has never really gotten used to its bittery sweetness. So the poor guy is disappointed time and again when I bring home the allergy-friendly stuff, since it’s usually dairy-free* (read: dark). Well, lucky for him, Laura Secord’s new line of nut-free chocolates includes these adorable milk chocolate presents. Let’s just say hubs is thrilled we have some go-to chocolate for the holidays. *Our little guy isn’t allergic to dairy, but we still often buy “top allergen-free” products, meaning many are free of dairy too.


5. Sweets from the Earth Carrot Cake. Carrot cake is one of my husband’s favourite desserts, and it is pretty much impossible to find one that is nut-free. When I first tried this one with a tofu “cream cheese” icing, I thought it was absolutely delicious… but I wasn’t convinced my other half would feel the same way.  Surprisingly, he loved it as much as I did! His only complaint? That I didn’t bring home more than 1 piece. (Note: This cake has sunflower oil in its ingredient list, so it’s another one we have to sneak after the wee babby is asleep.)


By now you may have guessed that the hubby has a real sweet tooth. If yes, you guessed right. So knowing this about him, I think it’s super important that you know about the two savoury (and healthy!) allergy-friendly foods he actually approves of…

BONUS #1! Hilary’s Broccoli Casserole Bites. Yeah, this one shocked me too. (I mean, the guy doesn’t even like broccoli.) But seriously, that’s how tasty these healthy little things are. My toddler likes them. My picky Irish husband likes them. And they’re free of top allergens. ‘Nuff said.


BONUS #2! Ian’s Alphatots (for kids). Laugh all you want, but these crispy bits of potato-y goodness are seriously delicious! They’re also free of top allergens AND sunflower, so my toddler can enjoy gobbling them up while practicing his ABCs. The only problem is that he has to fend off his picky Irish dad who often threatens to steal the letters right off of his plate. Candy from a baby? Nope. Alphabet-shaped potatoes from a toddler? Yup.

Screenshot 2018-03-14 at 21.36.33

Any picky eaters in your life? Share a pic of their allergy-friendly faves in the comments below!


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