Discount Card: We’ve teamed up with allergy-friendly businesses to get you exclusive discounts

Allergy-friendly restaurants, products and services. All in one place. That’s what the AllergyBites discount card gets you, and it’s launching by the end of this year. FAQs.

Announcing the 2017-2018 AllergyBites discount card

Pre-order your card before October 15th to take advantage of Early Bird savings! (US or international orders, please click here.)

Are you an allergy-friendly business? Want to work with us?
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Allergy Books for Kids

An educational children’s book series sharing allergy anaphylaxis awareness by Canadian allergy mom Michelle Nel and illustrated by American allergy mom Jennifer Terry. Michelle began writing in hopes of providing a fun yet informative manner in which to share allergy information. Michelle and Jennifer have aspired to create books that will not only engage children who have allergies but that they might also be used as resources to aid with allergy education.

AllergyBites discount: Enjoy 20% off all online orders. (C$)

Allergy Superheroes

AllergySuperheroes Logo Thumbnail sizeCombining a love of superheroes with more than three decades (spanning two generations) of life with food allergies, Allergy Superheroes’ food allergy awareness products empower kids and alert caregivers using a fun theme that kids are excited to wear. Having a food allergy doesn’t make your child any less super!

AllergyBites discount:
Enjoy 20% off all online orders. (US$)



When it comes to allergies, young children aren’t always able to advocate for themselves. And caregivers may not always remember to watch out for specific allergens. Let others know about your child’s allergy with AllerWare’s fun stickers, bracelets, and temporary tattoos. Unlike medical alert bracelets or necklaces, AllerWare’s products cannot be removed by the allergic child—so you can breathe more easily.

AllergyBites discount: Enjoy 25% off all online orders. (US$)

Carroll Counselling

Carroll Counselling is committed to helping individuals and families devise strategies to better cope with allergy-related stresses. Social worker and allergy therapist Samara Carroll works with clients to explore their feelings, thoughts and behaviours so that they may live better, safer and happier lives.

AllergyBites discount:
 Book two 50-min counselling sessions, and get your 3rd session FREE (value: $90). One time offer! (C$)

Friendly Pantry Consulting

FRPlogo-colourFounded by a 10+ year food allergy mom, Friendly Pantry provides one-on-one coaching and customized allergy packages to help families overcome real-life challenges—from a new diagnosis to the first day of school to travelling abroad… and more!

AllergyBites discount:  Enjoy 10% off any package. One time offer! (C$)

Kiss Freely

Kiss Freely produces all natural allergen & gluten free cosmetic, bath, and body products.

AllergyBites discount:
 Enjoy 20% off all online orders. (US$)

Kyle Dine

You Must Be Nuts! Cover Art Cover - Food Allergies Rock_Kyle DineKyle Dine is a trusted food allergy educator whose CDs are made up of empowering, educational songs. Upbeat music and lyrics make learning about food allergies fun! Kyle has performed allergy awareness assemblies at over 700 schools for nearly half a million children.

AllergyBites discount: Get 20% off when you buy 1 or both of Kyle’s CD’s – “You Must Be Nuts” or “Food Allergies Rock.” (C$)

**NEW** My Food Allergy Friends

Screenshot 2017-10-02 at 21.48.24Award-winning author & allergy advocate, Jackie Nevard,
created My Food Allergy Friends to provide a fun and visual way to learn about food allergies. Her resources help children with allergies as well as educating those without: a children’s book series, classroom posters and her food allergy education program are just a few of the ways she helps build awareness in the food allergy community and beyond. Now available in 7 countries, her resources teach kids how to be food allergy SMART!

AllergyBites discount: Get 2 free posters – “Food Allergies and Me” & “Food Allergies and School” – when you buy 1 or more allergy books, starring Thai & Rabbie. (A$)

**NEW** My Teal Ticket

MTT_Logo(1)MyTealTicket is a restaurant order form that helps people with food allergies have a safe and enjoyable dining experience. The teal color stands out from the other restaurant order tickets, which makes it easier for the chef as she or he prepares your meal.

AllergyBites discount: Enjoy 15% off all online orders. (US$)

No Nuts About Us

No Nuts About Us_Colour_Final_Oct 18

No Nuts About Us is an online store dedicated to offering a large selection of organic and truly nut-free foods & personal care items to people and families dealing with life threatening nut allergies. Their mission is to help alleviate the associated anxiety, and to help keep our food-allergic children and loved ones safe.

AllergyBites discount
: Enjoy 10 times the loyalty points on all online orders, and save money on future purchases. (C$)

Sweets from the Earth

 Sweets from the Earth is a family-owned bakery that is dedicated to creating all-natural, vegan baked goods. Their sinfully delicious cakes, cookies, bars, squares, breads and muffins are baked in one of two bakeries that are free of: dairy, egg, sesame, peanut & tree nut OR dairy, egg, wheat & gluten. All products are made without the use of refined sugars or artificial flavours / colours.

AllergyBites discount: Enjoy 10% off all online orders, or when you visit their factory location. (C$)

**NEW** The Bread Essentials

Window-apron LogoThe Bread Essentials prides themselves on using simple ingredients to create wonderfully flavourful breads and pastries in a nut-free environment. The owner and baker, Josée, developed a gluten allergy as an adult, and struggled to find quality baked goods that tasted good. This motivated her to improve her current offering, and to make every effort to accommodate those with other allergies. When possible, Josée will customize her recipes by cutting out specific allergens.

AllergyBites discount: Enjoy 10% off anything in store. (C$)

The Coffee Bouquets

The Coffee Bouquets is a family-owned coffee shop, offering premium coffees and teas. All coffee offerings are sustainably harvested and are locally roasted by an artisan roaster. The cafe is home to a large variety of organic and delicious nut-free or dairy-free pastries supplied by Sweets from the Earth.

AllergyBites discount: Purchase any pastry + large coffee/tea for only $5, tax included. Discount does not apply to croissants and cakes. (C$)

Vibrant Nutrition

Vibrant Nutrition helps families meet their nutrition goals with simple, practical and lasting solutions. Registered Dietitian  & Nutrionist Nishta Saxena has over 12 years of experience specializing in Family and Paediatric Nutrition. She offers appointments via phone, skype, or in person at our downtown Toronto office, and she also does home visits within the GTA.

AllergyBites discount:  Receive a 20% discount on your initial assessment. First time clients only! (C$)

Halloween-Giveaway-Kiss-FreelyLAUNCHING OCTOBER 15th! 

Interested in grabbing an Early Bird version of the card for a fraction of the price? From October 1-15, get yours for only $15, and be entered to win allergen-free Halloween makeup from participating business, Kiss Freely. More details here.


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