Allergy Mom Meetups Are Here, Toronto!

Our very first meetup at Hype Food Co. (06.09.18)


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June 9th @ Hype Food Co.
July 25th @ Hype Food Co.
September 29th @ Dolly Doll Cupcake Co. (Ottawa) 
October 28th: The Most Inclusive HALLOWEEN EVENT Ever

Next up… in 2019!

January 10th:  8 lucky ladies could WIN high tea for FREE @ Sorelle and Co.
February: Bread-making at  The Bread Essentials (On a weekend)
March: Easter crafts with allergy-friendly eggnots! (On a weekend. Venue: TBD)
April: Hype Food Co.

Being an allergy mom can be really lonely. From opting out of yet another social event that centres around food to passing up play dates with new mom friends, we’ll do anything to keep our food-allergic kiddos safe.

Still, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to chat over (dairy-free / soy-free) coffee and indulge in (top-allergen free) treats while our littles play nearby?

Psst, now you can!

Hang out in a safe space with other moms who get it

As the weather gets warmer, we’ll be organizing allergy mom meetups in allergy-friendly spaces across the city. Plus, you’ll go home with allergy-friendly swag bags. For serious.

We’ve got a list of accommodating spots and a bunch of fun ideas in mind… but the question is: Where to next? And when?

If you want to stay in the loop, take a moment to sign up for Allergy Mom Alerts, and I’ll be in touch the moment our first meetup is decided.

Can’t wait to meet you!
-Kathleen, Allergy Mom & AllergyBites Founder

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