Free Gift: An allergy card from me to you – EXPIRED

**Sorry, this promotion has expired**

Lucky you, it seems you were one of the first 25 people to subscribe to my blog. Yay! These little business-sized allergy cards are a must-have when eating out with your food-allergic little one(s)—and they fit perfectly in your wallet!

Here’s what you need to do to get your allergy card:

  1. Click here* and save the allergy card template to your desktop.
  2. Type in your child’s name and emergency contact info on the front, and list your child’s food allergies on the back.
  3. Change your printer settings to “Colour” and… print!
  4. Now comes arts & crafts—grab yourself a pair of scissors, a bit of packing tape and your kiddo (if they’re old enough to help).
  5. Cut along the dotted lines, and fold the card in two.
  6. Tape the two sides together—with clear tape, of course!—making sure to tape over the edges so the card doesn’t open.
  7. Pop it in your wallet with all of your other cards.

*Don’t delay! This page will expire on Sunday, May 14th.