AllergyBites is honoured to support Walk for Andrea

Honoured to support this year’s Walk for Andrea

When allergy mama and co-founder of Walk for Andrea reached out to ask if AllergyBites would provide a small donation (to include in participant goodie bags), I was honoured—to say the least.

AllergyBites as official sponsor of a cause that is near and dear to my heart? Yes, yes, YES! We may not have a lot to give, but we were more than happy to help in any way we possibly could.

AllergyBites is honoured to support Walk for Andrea

Walk the walk

When it comes to the things I’m passionate about, I try my best to put my money where my mouth is. So I make a habit of making a personal donation to a charity that truly means something to me each year. (Surprise, surprise. This year, I chose Walk for Andrea.)

If, like me, you’re passionate about finding a cure for food allergies but aren’t sure what you (as an individual) can do to help bring about change, why not go the extra mile—pun intended—throw on a pair of comfy shoes on and start walking on Sunday, September 24th? You can register for Walk for Andrea – Curing Food Allergies Together 2017 here.

Already participating in this year’s walk? Maybe I’ll see you there! (I won’t be walking, but I’ll be (wo)manning a booth before the walk begins. Pop by to say hello!) And make sure to look out for these little ‘thank you’ cards from AllergyBites in your loot bag. It isn’t much, but we wanted to do our (small) part to support this very important community fundraiser.


Every loonie counts

Did you know that, for every discount card sold, I’ve pledged to make a personal donation of $1 to the Walk? So if we sell 20 cards, that’s $20. But if we sell 500 cards, that’s $500!! Just one more reason to pre-order your card today.

Or, if you’re feeling extra generous, make a direct donation* to Sick Kids/Walk for Andrea today, and know you’re doing your small part to help find a cure for food allergies. *Donations of $20 or are entitled to a tax receipt.


Friendly. Supportive. Encouraging.

Want to join a community of like-minded food allergy folk? Join the AllergyBites Community on Facebook. 


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